Skull LED Mask

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Scare you friends to death thanks to this beautiful and modern led mask. 

It will give you a unique look and will impress everyone. 

Perfect to turn every night into an extremely successful party. 

Product characteristics: 

1. Harmlessness: it will not produce ultraviolet rays and has no adverse effect on human body. 

2. Arbitrary shape: various shapes can be made according to customer's requirements. 

3. Low power consumption: when the power is very low, it will also emit light, and the power consumed is milliwatt level. 

4. Bendable: it can emit light under various shapes. It can bend and emit light to adapt to the shape of products or even fold. 

5. No heating: the electroluminescent chip is a kind of cold light source, which basically has no heating when working, and the working temperature is lower than that of the fluorescent lamp. 

6. Even and soft light: the light does not flicker, which will not make the eyes tense and tired. 

7. Good shock resistance: unlike other light-emitting devices, electroluminescent chips are not easy to fail due to impact from the outside world. 

8. Long life: 10000 hours Scope of application: It can be used in billboards, doorplates, road signs, horse running lamp advertisements, picture display, dynamic advertisements, buses, airplanes, ships, indoor automobile advertisements, etc.